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How To Track Your Devices: Real-Time Tracking

What Is Tracking ?

Tracking refers specifically to using technology to monitor the location, status, and activity of assets in real-time.

Tracking in telematics is a powerful tool that allows you to gain complete visibility into your assets, leading to better decision-making, improved efficiency, and cost savings.

This is what Tracking entails in telematics;

Data Collection: Telematics devices installed on assets (vehicles, equipment, etc.) gather data using various methods:

  • GPS: Tracks the precise location of the asset.
  • Sensors: Monitor things like engine performance, fuel levels, temperature, or door open/closed status (depending on the application).

Data Transmission: The collected data is sent wirelessly, typically through cellular networks, to a central server.

Data Analysis: Software on the server processes the data, transforming it into useful insights and reports.

What you can track with telematics:


See where your asset is on a map in real-time, perfect for fleet management or tracking deliveries.


Monitor historical movement patterns to understand how your assets are being used


Get alerts for things like engine trouble, unauthorized movement, or harsh driving behaviors.


Analyze data like fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, or machine operation to identify potential issues and optimize performance